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December 28, 2012
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Chapter 9
P.O.V : Gerard

"Frank? Oh my god FRANK ANSWER PLEASE!"
I was in my classroom at the time when Frank had called, luckily I had no registry class so it was empty at the time. I jumped out of my seat when Frank wasn't replying.

Bert. I had to find Bert, god knows what the fucker had done to him.

I ran up to Mr Baggin's classroom, A.K.A Frank's tutor, also Bert's and barged in. Everyone stared.
"May I speak to Mr McCracken please?" I said to Mr Baggins, panting from my run.
"Um, yes, will he be gone long?" He replied, a confused expression on his face.

"I'm not sure yet, I will inform you soon." Bert got out of his seat, rolling his eyes and made his way over to me near the door.  Mr Baggins nodded and I left the room.

I began to walk along the corridor, Bert close behind me. Once we were away from his tutor room I could begin my 'interrogation'.

"Right, Bert-" He was slouched against the wall, arms in his pocket, looking so fucking smug "-What the FUCK have you done to Frank?" I said my hands curling into tight fists. Bert's eyes widened, he stared at me for a second before shrugging. " I ASKED YOU A QUESTION" I snapped at him, he grabbed his arm and squeeze, looking genuinely scared. He looked up at me again but still said nothing. "ANSWER ME!" Still nothing. "WHERE HE IS HE?"  I grabbed his tie will my full force, angry was raging through my body.
A smirk grew on his face, "Why do you care so much about that fag?" He finally spoke. His voice bitter and cold.

I raised my fists to him, about to strike.
But then I dropped my fists and placed my hands to my sides, violence never solved anything, I repeated in my head.  

"That 'fag' you're talking about happens to be the best student in this school, and if you intend to stay in this school, I suggest you tell me what the fucking hell you've done to Frank!" My nostrils flared, I panted, never had I been so full of rage.

"I don't fucking know, Quinn and Jeph attacked him in some backalley, I just watch them" Bert's fear of me began to show again.
"THAT MAKES YOU NO FUCKING BETTER!!" I bellowed. I pushed him down as I ran up to the school office.

The receptionist better fucking be there I thought to myself as I ran up the stairs, towards the office.

"Cancel all my lessons today, it's an emergency" I shouted across to the receptionist. She nodded, looking slightly confused.

I wasn't sure where I was heading, all i knew was Frank was in some back-lane, and perhaps un-conscious, or maybe worse. I didn't want to think about that now, the important thing was finding him. I headed out into the car park and got into my car. Starting the engine immediately.

I drove out of the school gates, speeding out the junction and driving up the street closest to the school, searching for a back alley.

I spotted one, and turned into it immediately, "FRANK?" "FRANKIE?" I called out from my window, searching down the back alley.

He wasn't there, I drove up the next street, again shouting his name, over and over again.
"FRANK?" I screamed his name, countless times.  

Still I could not find him.

I must have drove up at least 30 streets, all of which were empty.

I felt like giving up, but I knew I couldn't.  All I could think about was the previous weekend, everything that me and Frank had talked about, his beautiful eyes, his sweet voice, everything about him way perfect. My stomach was tight, all anger was gone, I was in sheer panic mode. My hands and face wet dripping with sweat. I held back my tears, and continued driving up every street, looking for Frank.

Then I saw it.

A dark area that I recognized from when I had dropped Frank off at his home. I jumped out of the car, and ran over, something told me he was here, he had to be, it was just the typical place for an attack like this.

The back alley, yes this was it!

I ran down the dark area, pushing over wheelie bins on the way, "FRANK?" I kept calling out. "FRANKIE?" He had to be here.

As I ran I tripped over something..
I was about to keep on running, then I realized what I had tripped on.. who I had tripped on..
I turned around and there he was..


I froze. His face was pale, much paler than usual, bruises were spread across his arms, many more in other places. "Frankie.." I whispered. My voice had gone shaky, my throat was dry, I really didn't want to cry now. "Frank, it's Gerard.." I whispered again, as i placed a hand on his shoulder. "Baby?" I grasped his face , it was face was so cold.  
I couldn't hold onto my tears any longer, they streamed down my face, I lowered my head, for the sight of him like this was too much. I watched my tears fall onto his scruffed up jeans. I held his hand, they were covered in gravel and muck, but that really was the last thing on my mind at that moment. "Frankie" my voice was barley audible, even to my own ears. I squeezed his hand, it too was cold.

I had no idea what to do.

I lay down next to him and put my arm over him, my tears now falling onto is 'avenged sevenfold' shirt. I closed my eyes and just lay with him...

As i shuffled my head round a bit my ear landed on his chest, and then I felt it..

..A heartbeat..

I looked up, and gasped, Frank's eyes began to flicker..
"Nrg-Gerr-" His eyes rolled about, he took a deep breath in and stared at me.
"Frankie?" I stared straight back at him, his eyes glistening with the sun, I wiped my tears from my cheeks.
"Gerard, wha-what happened?" He blinked a few times and tried to move, "OW FUCK"  he screamed.
"Frank, don't move, i'm going to call and ambulance, don't worry." I squeezed his hand before letting go to dig around in my jacket for my mobile.

"911, what is your emergency?"
"Ambulance please"
I had no experience with talking to emergency services, but I did as the woman said.

In a matter of minuets the ambulance arrived, I went with Frank to the hospital, I couldn't leave him alone, no matter what, even if it did look suspicious.

I  just wanted him to be okay..
For: :iconmcrmy-helena:
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